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Neoprene products

Fortune Neoprene Co. Ltd. mainly produces foam rubber NEOPRENE, SBR, fit sheet and finished outstanding enterprises. We provide Neoprene computer sleeve, Neoprene case of mobile phone sets and other products for customers. Since the company was established in 2005, has been superb technology, excellent quality and good service, active with the service at the new and old customers. Continuous rapid development of the company in support of new and old customers, we have been our customers return to the market rates...


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Example: Diving materials are widely used in the fields of diving suits, sports protectors, model body supplies, gifts, vacuum cup sets, fishing pants and shoes, replacing natural rubber to produce tires, rubber shoes, rubber hose, rubber belt, and other GM products. Different from ordinary shoes fitting, neoprene fitting requires different fitting glue and fitting...

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Product Advantage

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber foam, smooth to the touch, soft, flexible, shock, thermal insulation, flexible, watertight, airtight, and so on. Widely used in the manufacture of submersible material, so a user-friendly name for it: Neoprene (diving material).

Chemical composition: chloroprene monomer from the polymer emulsion polymerization. Features and Scope: good weather resistance, resistance to ozone...

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